Welcome To Becoming Conscious … where you will find resources and inspiration to help you navigate the world of Mystery and the world of humanity. Welcome! My name is Andrew Kloak and I will bring you dynamic communication that leads to insight and personal breakthroughs. I’m a Social Commentator and Novelist. This marks my first blog post on Becoming Conscious.hermes2

    • As a social commentator (based in western North Carolina and a native of Chicago), I can help you thrive and go deeper in exponentially changing world. I’m on Facebook, on LinkedIn, on local social media like Google+, Twitter and everything in between.
    • As a novelist, I bring you the #1 Sports Novel of 2019! I think you will enjoy Working the Glass, an odyssey of basketball and romance across the Czech Republic in 1993.
    • As a professional – I can speak to your organization about writing, Silicon Valley and spirituality.

MY PHILOSOPHY My philosophy is to advocate for you. I’m blogging a book called Becoming Conscious: Why our future depends on transforming Silicon Valley and technology. I engage readers not only in the San Francisco Bay Area, the USA and Canada but across the world. Unlike many scribes, I empower writers and advocate for them as an expert coach. We’re all in this together! HERMES MESSENGER AND GUIDE Hermes the amazing! He’s the right guide for you and me. Hermes is an Olympian god in Greek religion and mythology, son of Zeus and the Pleiad Maia. The second youngest of the Olympian gods. Hermes is a God of athletes and invented fire. We’re going to need that fire!!! We have it. Our servers are all powered by LiteSpeed and solid-state drives (SSDs). LiteSpeed is 533% faster than Apache 2.4 with keep-alive connections and 167% faster with no keep-alive connections (SSDs are superior to regular HDDs) but don’t take my word for it. Try it out.